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Egypt was declared an independent nation in and largely remained neutral. But that wasn't ratified until December of that year.


See here for more details.

Raiders chat room

Clear your history. Indy and Sallah were digging in the correct place, which was near the outskirts of the ancient city. Why would Hitler, a notorious anti-Semite, want a Jewish artifact like the Ark? Tanis is believed to be the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, a mystical chest built by ancient Hebrews which is said to hold the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written. Inthe US military learns that the Nazis have discovered Tanis, an ancient Egyptian city buried in a gigantic sandstorm in B.

Sailing ships in the past could often navigate at night because the Earth's axis pointed toward the North Star.

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However, there raider generally be four or five crewman on the conning tower as lookouts. Assuming that Belloq was going to be inebriated faster than she was, she could escape easier.

Raiders chat room

Their age difference is approximately ten years, so Indy would have been in his mids and she around 15 or 16 when they first met and fell in love. A prequel television series, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicleswas produced in the early s.

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The film supposedly originated from Lucas' desire to create a modern version of the movie serials of the s and s, adventure stories that he enjoyed as a. How much money did it make at the box office worldwide? Egypt was declared an independent nation in and largely remained chqt. Did Belloq also use the wrong hole for his staff?

Why didn't Indy free Marion when he found her alive? Toht picked up the original during the fight in Marion's bar.

At the time the map room was built the Earth's axis did not point at the North Star. The 25 Best Movies of the 's.

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There's also the explanation that since Toht was an evil Gestapo agent that the medallion burned him because of his nature. The medallion wasn't really in contact with any fire, only some burning straw on the floor.

Raiders chat room

They were digging specifically in the location where they believed the Ark to be, which was incorrect. From there, rziders could have swum at least some of the way underwater and into the cavern. You can see in the map room that the building marked for where the Nazi's are digging is directly in line with the one Indy sees illuminated, which suggests that Belloq used the correct hole, only his staff Sex fucking in Lake Park Iowa too long.

In. Suddenly, lights begin flashing and bulbs exploding. Raiders of the Lost Ark In the movie, we never see the sub fully submerge, so are left with the conclusion that Indy rode on raaiders top, a more believable scenario than riding it underwater without freezing raiders chat room drowning. Even if Indy survived the U-boat submarine ride all the way to the island by clinging to the periscope, how did he get off the boat without being seen and then hide?

Do not open" and storing it in a massive warehouse stocked with thousands of other such boxes.

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It's likely that the Nazis knew the ancient ruin with the loose stones was there, but didn't bother to demolish it to look inside, either to preserve as much of the ancient ruins as possible or they simply planned to check later. ─░zlenecek Filmler. An extensive search of the raiderd site would lead them to Jones, Sallah, and their dig, so Indy leaves her bound and gagged, much to Marion's fury, and promises to return for her when they'd find the Ark and have it safely away from the Nazis.

Since this scene is not in the movie, it is a little confusing as to Cherokee Oklahoma sexy massage Indy knew that eaiders could only survive the opening of the Ark by closing his eyes.

QB Marcus Mariota shining early for the Las Vegas Raiders

You can also see the patrons betting with Nepalese notes. It's a clear plastic shield, like safety glasses, for his eyes. Raiders of the Lost Ark is based on a story created by film makers George Lucas who co-produced the movie and Philip Kaufman. Share this :.

Raiders chat room

Appeasement aside, I think that the British might be a little worried about a large group of armed Germans being in a League of Nations mandated British Protectorate. Let's shoot it. Did the actor of Belloq actually eat the fly that landed in his mouth towards the end?

Because he knew where the Ark was but had not found it yet. Jump to: FAQs 15 Spoilers 8.

If it were solid gold, it would weigh around kg 3, troy oz. Brody asks where the Ark is now, but the only answer he's given is that it's being researched by "top men". There rroom to be a shiny coating on Belloq's forehead during the desert scenes.

In the bar scene, Marion had both Nepalese and U. The subsequent screenplay was written by Lawrence Kasdan and a novelization of the screenplay was written by Campbell Black.

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It proved to be worthless, however, because the markings on the other side of the original gave further instructions. The length of Indy's staff would therefore not be the exact length needed. Marcus provides the answer in the scene where he and Roon talk to the two agents from Army Intelligence: "An army which carries the Ark before it is invincible. So he may have concluded that opening the Ark is not necessarily deadly to anyone in close proximity, raidere that it is the visual contact that was deadly.

Army Intel The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

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They could dig for it there, fairly well hidden from the Nazis and Belloq, but it was still close enough that they could be discovered. Ancient peoples did not have precise measuring equipment, which is why a foot rolm the length of a foot and a cubit the length of a forearm.

Raiders chat room

If Marion disappeared suddenly, Belloq and the Nazi officers would do just what Indy said; they'd comb the place until she was found. Secondly, the relationship between the sun and the horizon changes from day to day. How did Indy know not to look into the Ark when it was opened? The most likely explanation for the initially extraordinarily tense relationship with the emotionally turbulent Marion Ravenhood is that Marion had romantic or even sexual relations with Indy when she was a young adolescent.

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