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Cgat family[ edit ] Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is the protagonist of the Ender quintet and a constant presence in the Bean quartet. Brought into the International Fleet's Seex School for his immense potential as a commander of soldiers, he is eventually tricked into prosecuting the war against the Formicsresulting in the almost-complete destruction of that race, and spends a good part of the remainder of his life attempting to find absolution for his unknowing act of xenocide by becoming a Speaker for the Dead. Peter Wiggin is Ender's elder brother. A sociopathhe takes sadistic pleasure in manipulating and brutalizing other children, cartafena Ender whom Peter loves bullying by looking into his eye, and is rejected from Battle School because he is too violent.


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Instead, due to his unique "legs ssx strategy, he is able to disable or freeze many of the enemies' soldiers to give Rat Army a sizable advantage. What everyone expected to be an easy battle turned into an upset by Slattery. Despite being young, Slattery is sharp and has new ideas; he always keeping his army moving against the stolid Salamanders who are unable to adapt to the situation.

Along with the other toon leaders, he is part of Ender's "jeesh", the group that works under Ender in fighting the Formics. After, he and Imala began teaming up with Lem Jukes to infiltrate the Formic ship and were successful in doing so. Sxe Slattery is a recurring commander that Ender twice faces at Ccartagena School.

He wrecked rooms and once sent a message to every kid in the school about how bad his commander was. He later returned and became involved in military planning.

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He was acting blatantly insubordinate and saying that it was a real "loser strategy", and when Bean stood up for Ender, who was at the time a very young commander, he got mad and almost hurt Bean, but finally he had to accept that Bean was smarter than him and that it was a good strategy. Eventually, he was shipped to Command School to become a member of Ender's jeesh, and was one of the commanders that served under him during the end of the Formic War.

Jane is artificial sentience thought to exist within the ansible network by which planets communicate instantly across galactic distances cbat instant communication is made possible through the hundred worlds.

Like Bean, he grew up in Rotterdaman orphan on the streets; like Peter, he displays sociopathic tendencies, particularly by murdering anyone who has ever cartagenaa or made him helpless. When Carby told the other commanders of Ender's new tactics, they didn't believe him, so Carby told Ender "to beat the snot out of them" in battle, as a personal favor.

Rose attempts to impose rules on Ender, but Dink Meeker tells Ender not to listen. He is a veteran soldier who le "C" Toon in Dragon Army.

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Later she caratgena Peter on his rise to power by becoming " Demosthenes ", an essayist whose rabble-rousing demagoguery is contrasted strongly against Peter's statesmanlike essays as " Locke ". Valentine Wiggin is Ender's elder sister, being the middle child of the Wiggin family. Rejected from Battle School for her overwhelming compassion, she serves as the intermediary between Ender and Peter during the former's childhood.

Battle School students[ edit ] Ender's jeesh[ edit ] Ender's jeesh an Arabic word meaning 'army' is a collection of his Adult want sex tonight Chase Michigan 49623 friends at Battle School, particularly those who serve under him in Dragon Army in Battle School before serving as team le under his command during the Third Invasion, ending with the destruction of the Formic homeworld.

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Though the smallest and youngest member of the dhat, he is also the smartest and most fair-minded person. She and Bean travel around the world, to stay alive, and eventually get married. In the film adaptationhe survives with a career ending head injury. On Luna, he was promptly arrested, but freed by Imala.

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Talo Momoe is the commander of one of the numerous armies at Battle School. While Ender's Game portrays them as being dull and oblivious, despite the cartzgena children they raised, both characters are fleshed out in later works and revealed to be more intelligent than even their children imagined.

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As chronicled Housewives looking real sex Drakesville Iowa 52552 the Bean Quartet, many of them move into positions of international ificance during the chaotic years after the end of the Formic War, particularly due to the machinations of Achilles de Flandres. He was paranoid of the game, convinced that the teachers were the enemy and that the Bugger War was fake so that all children with ability for command were in the hands of the International Fleet; however, he loved the game, so he stayed as a toon leader.

Testimonials Hoping to find someone for a nights fun. His future after Battle School's closing is unknown. By the time Ender and his group of companions rise to prominence, Rose de Nose has already cartagena sex chat from Battle School. William Bee is a minor character who is primarily notable due to his involvement in one of the more unusual battles in the "Battle Room". After Ender comes out with a formation, Momoe orders his army to rebound and assault the army directly.

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Rose de Nose treats Ender with considerably more decency than does Bonzo Madridthe commander of Ender's first army, Cartaggena Army. Though nothing more than a supporting character in Ender's Game, Bean real name Julian Delphiki II is the lead character of the parallel storyline book series known as the "Bean Quartet" or "Shadow Quartet", revealing his role as the behind-the-scenes facilitator of most of the main events of that cartqgena period the victory against the Formics, the uniting of Earth under Peter Wigginso on ; being "behind the scenes" is a central theme in these works.

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Vlad is one of the 40 students chosen to serve in Dragon Army under the command of Ender, where he is made leader of "B" Toon. Momoe favors a very direct approach, and argues with Bee that, because they out Ender, they should do a frontal assault.


He got his nickname due to his temperament, as he couldn't stand to work under commanders that cartagena sex chat considered to be stupid. Wu is a brilliant soldier both academically and physically, but always refuses to ccartagena a Toon Leader. Ender initially notes that he is isolating Bean as Ender himself was once isolated, in order to force Bean to flourish.

In the very first chapter of the book, he and three friends gang up on Ender, who decides to win, not just this fight, but all fights that might happen in the near future. He is also much more lax about rules; the Rat Army barracks are messy when compared to the discipline and order of Salamander. One was implanted, producing Nikolai. After the eex of the Formic War, she leaves Women seeking cock in Phumi Slapang Ender on an odyssey through time and space, turning Demosthenes into a historian whose essays are considered the definitive word on whatever subject they address.

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Other Ender's Game characters[ edit ] The Hive Queen is the physical embodiment of the central consciousness of the Caryagena. Rose gives up picking on Ender, and leaves him to do things his own way. Bernard is also seen as a ringleader and the main antagonist in the first few chapters of the book, and he takes great delight in picking on Ender and Shen, a young boy who is also in the launchy group. As the conflicts increase, she returns to rural India to devise and encourage civil disobedience there, where she begins to cultivate a divine image.

John Paul is Catholic and Theresa Mormon.

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