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Not Now. The "My Girl" singers admit that they're "all pretty clean," but when asked which one of the teens is messiest, Roc Royal got the blame. Someboy change the name to mindless behavior just so we can get likess.

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Jump to. It went from the highest to lowest.

Forgot ? I think it would be cool to give the fans a great, positive album.

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Mindless behavior chat

I'm Making A Story. Information about Insights Data. Diggy: -Tyra.

Mindless Behavior Interview T4 We hope you guys at least make him do the dishes on the tour bus to make up for that. MbGOKY all day!! Our second exclusive video with Mindless Behavior offers a sneak peek behind the scenes at the foursome's " Christmas With My Girl " set along with a special guest star -- Frosty!

Ray Ray pulls out a hilarious Jay-Z impression, while Roc Royal shares his wide vocal range: "I have the deepest voice in the group. Mndless he's afraid of elevators, double ted, and he used to dance with worldwide crumper, Tommy da Clown.


Also, learn the guys' favorite Christmas songs in our video interview on the set of their video "Christmas With My Girl" after the jump. Aaliyah Dailey. Ima Add New Pics. Visitor Posts.

Mindless behavior chat

We have A New admin!!!!! The leftover info Prodigy's real name is Craig Crippen Jr.

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Why hasn't anyone done one of those yet? Here's what i know about the people from MB. He's also known to be freaky. Roc Royal's real name is Chresanto August, he w They chat about filming with real snow in L.

It's hard feeling even slightly cool when the four heartthrobs of Mindless Behavior aka Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton ooze more dopeness in a single sneeze. Plus, Princeton offers fans the ultimate surprise: "We're going to definitely do a Christmas album.

Accessibility Midnless. Princeton's real name is Jacob Emmanuel Alexander Perez, he was born in Los Angeles, California on April 21,he was badly bullied growing up, which is why he used to cut himself and almost committed suicide at one point, he was discovered due to the sketcher commercials and gym Class Heroes videos, he's known as the freak in MB, so to say, he's an only child, his favorite color is green, and Besides their gift of cleanliness, the group shared other hidden talents.

Mindless behavior chat

I'm here!!!! Tayshaun and Day Day i think! Keasia Gunter.